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This is SKY District, the new city within a city. Six new buildings are planned, including a hotel and two landmark tower buildings that will bring new life to Ostend’s station district. SKY District is right in the heart of a unique neighbourhood that combines the sea, a marina, the lively city centre and Ostend’s railway station.

The ground floor will contain a vibrant mix of shops, offices and cafes and restaurants. Above all this activity will be sun-drenched and luxuriously appointed apartments with extra-large balconies.

Building a vision for the future
SKY District is a future-proof building development that deploys the latest innovative technologies to meet the environmental requirements of today and tomorrow. This goes beyond just using renewable materials and making the most of the sun’s energy.

These are some of the other ways in which SKY District is helping to build a sustainable future:

  • Reuse of rainwater

  • Underfloor heating

  • Installation of green roofs on the canopies

  • Connected to the Beauvent district heating network

Iconic architecture
The expressive horizontal layers with randomly projecting extra-large balconies, the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, and the luxurious finishing with bronze-coloured detailing all make SKY Towers a model of iconic and cosmopolitan architecture, where indoors and outdoors seamlessly merge together.

The buildings are all different heights but join together at their plinths. The whole encloses a semi-private garden that forms the green heart of SKY District.

A city in a city
SKY District is an urban renewal project, strategically located between the railway station, the city centre and Ostend’s harbour district. This new quarter will comprise six buildings and a total of 484 apartments, offices, shops and cafes and restaurants.

With plenty of recreational facilities and low-traffic squares, the new district harmonises perfectly with Ostend’s vision to transform the city centre into a pleasant and car-free environment for all to enjoy. The SKY District development and the overhaul of the railway station will mean a complete facelift for the Hazegras district.

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